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by Charles Hugh-Smith

The crapification of the U.S. financial system is now full. The one factor left is the tiresome ready for the implosion of the whole travesty of a mockery of a sham.

The U.S. financial system has basically modified, and never for the higher. There are quite a few dynamics behind this decay, and I’ll talk about a couple of of the extra consequential ones this month.

One consequential dynamic few mainstream pundits dare talk about is the “crapification” of the whole U.S. financial system. That isn’t my description, “crapification” is now in widespread use. If the phrase offends you, substitute terminal decay of high quality, competitors, utility, sturdiness, repairability and customer support.

One facet no person appears to note is the transformation from a society that after drew its id from producing high quality items and companies to a society that attracts its id from consuming crapified items and companies. Now that People outline themselves by consuming, they’re enslaved to consumption: to restrict consumption is to vanish–and ‘spending time” on social media is a type of consumption, even when no items or companies are bought instantly, as one’s consideration / time are priceless commodities.

In different phrases, People have been skilled like Pavlov’s canine to eat, irrespective of how poor the standard and repair. We simply purchase it anyway, and grumble over the decaying high quality and repair–however we received’t take the one motion that will influence companies and the federal government: cease shopping for the services and products. Choose out, drop out, make it at dwelling, cancel the service, simply cease shopping for abysmally made junk and pathetically poor companies.

Firms and the federal government are monopolies or quasi-monopolies, and they also don’t must care whether or not prospects are appalled by poor high quality and repair: they know the client has to eat no matter is obtainable, irrespective of how crapified.

Go forward and challenge nugatory warranties, merchandise designed to fail, merchandise designed to be unrepairable, software program that’s routinely declared out of date so now we have to purchase the brand new crapified model that calls for insane quantities of reminiscence and processing energy–go forward, as a result of the herd will proceed shopping for the identical rubbish services and products as a result of to cease consuming is unthinkable: I eat, subsequently I’m.

Governments know now we have no alternative and since we proceed electing the identical “finest democracy cash should buy” politicos, nothing will change. These in energy know the grumbling is simply background noise as a result of the herd will dutifully vote for a similar crapified, corrupt, dysfunctional system each two years.

Think about the IRS, the company with a monopoly on gathering taxes. I’m sympathetic to the workers of the IRS, these tasked with the thankless process of gathering taxes, a process made extra arduous by underfunding and understaffing. It appears the super-wealthy determined that if the IRS was starved of funding, the percentages of their tax evasion being caught by an audit would plummet, and so voila, the IRS has been starved by the Demopublicans – Republicrats for many years, as Demopublicans – Republicrats all reply to the identical small pool of super-wealthy donors and company sponsors.

In the meantime, the common powerless taxpayer suffers the terminal decay of service and accountability. I’m sorry to report that my Kafkaesque experiences with the IRS are additionally shared by many others. Our tax funds are instantly deposited (shock!) however our tax returns that have been delivered with the cost are declared non-existent– the company stories no file of the return being acquired.

This has occurred to me 12 months after 12 months. And naturally the crapification of the nation’s core record-keeping– taxation–then bleeds into different businesses and crapifies their information. So the Social Safety Administration stories my 2020 earnings as zero, which means I get no credit score for the immense sum I paid in Social Safety taxes (being self-employed, I pay 15.3% of all earnings in Social Safety taxes–each the worker and employer shares).

For the reason that IRS claimed it had no file of my 2020 tax return, I wrote the IRS a letter asking in the event that they wished me to resubmit the return. Some months later I acquired a reply to my earlier handle–regardless of the actual fact I’d submitted an official IRS Change of Deal with type–saying “we’re engaged on it.” Uh, certain. High quality.

After repeated tries, I lastly found out that the one tax 12 months in my file the IRS system acknowledges in 2016. If I wish to pay my quarterly estimated taxes on-line, I’ve to enter the information from 2016. Some other tax 12 months information will draw a clean. In impact, I solely exist within the 12 months 2016, six years in the past.

My estimated tax funds are duly deposited, and my cost connected to my return is duly deposited, however my tax return doesn’t exist. Others have reported the identical circumstance. Information gadgets report the IRS has a backlog of 10 million unprocessed returns, and also you’d suppose our elected officers may present some modest curiosity within the crapification of the nation’s tax and Social Safety businesses, however no–they’ve zero curiosity within the crapification of the nation’s core record-keeping so long as their super-wealthy donors and companies can proceed evading taxes through armies of tax attorneys and particular giveaways slipped into several-inches-thick congressional payments.

Since Company America is now nothing however a set of rapacious cartels and quasi-monopolies, they don’t care in regards to the terminal decay of their high quality or service, both. They know we’re going to point out up and purchase their rubbish anyway as a result of now we have no alternative, they usually know the standard of their “rivals” (hahaha) merchandise and repair is equally noxious.

They will rely on well-trained People persevering with to fly, eat out, enroll, and purchase, purchase, purchase irrespective of how wretched the standard and repair as a result of consumption is all now we have.

Within the Technicolor fantasy of company promoters, enterprises achieve gross sales by making increased high quality merchandise than rivals. Two generations in the past, this was nonetheless a cultural / financial dynamic.

However then everybody with a line of credit score purchased all the things, and so now everybody owns all the things. This saturation of all demand means gross sales can solely decline, since sturdy items final a very long time. The one strategy to juice gross sales increased is by making insecure shoppers crave the most recent trend, however this artifice has limits.

The answer was to crapify all services and products through deliberate obsolescence and infinite loops of awful, over-priced service. Merchandise are actually designed to be inconceivable to restore (eliminating cheapskate do-it-yourselfers) and through the use of the lowest-quality, lowest-cost parts, producers assure that the whole product will fail as soon as the lowest-quality part fails.

And since many parts are actually digitized, the most affordable digital part failing will trigger the electronics to fail–a $1 chip fails and the whole $600 product fails–and so the whole product is then destined for the landfill– what correspondent Bart D. termed The Landfill Economic system, a a time period I now use to explain the whole international financial system of deliberate obsolescence.

Discerning shoppers have lengthy famous the crapification of components and the accompanying decline of worth through shrinkflation. Discerning DIYers have famous how merchandise are sealed, warranties voided, and easy upkeep jobs like altering the oil in a car are actually difficult by varied perverse means.

As for service–Company America doesn’t must care about poor high quality as a result of they know now we have no alternative. All of the members of the cartel provide the identical rapacious pricing and pathetically poor service, so no company or establishment (hospital, college, native authorities company, and many others.) has to worry a competitor may disrupt the comfy profiteering–there is no such thing as a actual competitors in healthcare, increased schooling, protection contractors, telecom suppliers, prescribed drugs, quick meals, agribusiness, and many others.–none.

I talk about the end-game of those dynamics in my new e-book, International Disaster, Nationwide Renewal: A (Revolutionary) Grand Technique for america.

The crapification of the U.S. financial system is now full. The one factor left is the tiresome ready for the implosion of the whole travesty of a mockery of a sham.



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